Burton Machen is an American conceptual artist, with a focus on street art, photography, and mixed media collage. His Urban Evolution series of photography focuses on Street Art and Urban Decay. Machen is fascinated by the collage-like effect that occurs when artists, passersby and elements work together in urban settings. It is the process of “artists” creating while unconsciously, unwittingly collaborating with strangers that draws Machen in. 

In his photographs of nature, Machen focuses on the space between what we actually see and what we see captured in traditional still photographs to document the flow of movement within nature. He observes it as evidence that everything is not alway as appears and all that appears is not necessarily all that exists. 

Originally from Ashville, Alabama, Burton has lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans and Washington DC and has shown in various cities worldwide including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London Singapore, Lima, Berlin, Venice, and Provence.

Machen now splits his time between the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Norwalk, Connecticut.