My work reflects the rhythms of nature. After years of working in the plein air tradition of landscape painting and traditional printmaking processes, I am currently employing a diversity of methodologies, capturing nature’s bounty through processes of thought and hand. I use a marriage of drawing, paint, print and digital media as a process-oriented bridge, which connects my technical grounding in artistic tradition with 21st century innovation. Through close-up observation, I challenge myself to look beyond the obvious. I examine the man-made order and natural chaos found in the natural world, as layers of observed plant species are combined in carefully considered patterns and nuances of value shifts.


From the immediate, visceral response of my observations of nature, I recognize and use natural imagery as fragments of aesthetic intrigue, extracting components for intellectual mind play, while remaining protective of the meditative and restorative qualities of the environment as an environmentalist. Expectations of immediate recognition are modified as perception is seemingly disarmed. Fractals of realism and abstraction may produce images seemingly of other worldliness, enabling the viewer to make and participate in individual interpretations.

-Nancy McTague-Stock

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